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Creative Ways to Welcome Your Customers to the New Year

Relating to your customers and maintaining strong ties with them is an essential business practice. When it comes to the holiday season and the New Year, these are two fantastic chances to connect with them on a deeper level and remind them that your business is different than those of your competitors.

As you move into your New Year’s marketing campaigns, you should aim to go out of 2018 with a bang and welcome the oncoming year with a well-planned strategy that gets your customers inspired to receive another year of excellent service from your business.

Of course, figuring out the right messaging to use in your New Year’s banners, postcards, and other materials can be difficult. So, here are some ideas to help guide you and keep you on the right track.

Why are these messages so important?

The reason why businesses should feel inspired to send these end-of-year cards is that they put your business at the front of your clients’ minds as they move into 2019.

This material serves to thank them for their support so far, making them feel valued and remembered. That does wonders to strengthen the business/client relationship. It also helps your business be the first one they think of when they’re in need of your goods or services again, or if they know someone who could benefit from them. Everybody loves that feeling of usefulness and importance when they can make personal recommendations.

This is really just a “final touch” that helps you finish the year off strong.

What To Send

Most businesses will choose to send a simple postcard or greeting card to the year’s clients and partners. Preferably, you’ll work with a mailing service that will enable you to personalize the card itself and not just the name on the envelope.

So, if you’re sending a card to the Johnsons, for example, their name should be printed on the greeting card itself. Depending on the number of clients you have, you might even hand write the client’s name and/or a message to them inside the card.

At the very least, you should consider a handwritten note for your key business partners and for your top clients. These, after all, are the parties who have helped you the most throughout the year, and you definitely want show your personal appreciation for their contributions in 2018.

Some businesses will also hold in-house celebrations, which may consist of a client appreciation party or a special sale.

You can also drum up business by including a discount or coupon in the New Year’s cards for your clients, which can encourage them to come back sooner than they otherwise would.

If you’re giving something to the clients themselves, you can also include a business card and/or discount voucher that they can pass on to a friend so that you can earn new business. Of course, don’t use this “Thank You” card as a blatant way to ask for new business. Only use this method if you can present it nicely and if the client is also getting something from you, like a gift certificate.

Finally, you should also send out an email campaign. Whether you are doing this in conjunction with a printed card or on its own, your email campaign is going to make it into every client’s inbox, so it should have a good message that matches your brand.

If you’re only having an email campaign, you can include an invitation to your customer appreciation party and/or sale within it.

Remember Your Brand

No matter what you’re working on, this key tip will help you stay on track. As a business, you should already have your brand image established.

In other words, you should have a brand book already laid out that you have been following to guide your color schemes, font choices, and even the tone of voice that you write and speak in on behalf of your business.

If you haven’t already established your brand’s persona, now is the time to do it. Your brand persona should be guiding everything your business does. It is essential that you establish a brand that your customers can relate to and that you stay consistent with that brand across all of your marketing and interactions with your customers.

So, it makes sense that you should review your brand book right now (as you should do often) so that you have all of your brand’s key points at your fingertips as you move forward to create your New Year’s marketing material.

Consider Your Message

Your message to customers for the New Year should be a happy and inspirational one. Not only should you be thanking them for supporting you in 2018, you should let them know what’s ahead for next year and get them excited for another 12 months of partnering with you.

The specific message you want to deliver to your customers this New Year will depend on your industry and the type of work you have been doing for your customers or clients.

If you’re in the real estate industry, for instance, you might send a friendly card to your previous clients who just bought a new home. If you’re in the dental industry, you might send a themed card telling them you look forward to seeing their bright smile again soon.

Design It Well

You might not have the budget to hire a professional designer for these materials, but that doesn’t mean you have to send out amateur-looking cards. Instead, consider using a free tool like Canva.

Canva is a free design tool that will enable you to select from a wide variety of templates, or work from scratch. With their fonts, icons, images, and so many other elements, you can create beautiful designs in a snap.

In addition to helping you design postcards, you can also design your New Year’s email banner using Canva too! In fact, you can design just about all of your online and offline promotional materials using this tool, and it will all be beautifully consistent if you do.

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