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Best New Year 2019 Resolutions for Your Business

While you’re most likely in the habit of making a New Year’s resolution in your own personal life, how often do you set New Year’s resolutions for your business?

If the answer is never, or even if you have, 2019 is a great year to up your game. The thing about New Year’s resolutions is that they can help you in the planning process. While you have likely already thought long and hard about what you want to accomplish next year, writing down that goal is a big first step to helping you reach it.

By recognizing one main goal that you want to work towards in your business for 2019, you can begin laying out the steps that you know you need to follow in order to reach that goal. That’s why a New Year’s resolution is a fantastic tradition to start (or continue) for your small business.

Of course, one of the hardest parts about setting a New Year’s resolution for anyone is that it can be hard to decide on just one thing that you want to work towards. Obviously, your business is probably working on many things and, therefore, it can be tricky to pick just one main goal. Here’s some advice to help.

Choose a Central Goal

Chances are, your business is looking to accomplish a lot of things in the New Year. So, when you go to set your New Year’s resolution, realize that you don’t have to be super specific. Your resolution should instead be a central goal that might encompass multiple smaller goals that you want to reach throughout the next 12 months. The resolution could be to achieve implementation of 80% of smaller company or business goals already identified.

You might say that your business’ New Year’s resolution is to incorporate automation in order to increase efficiency. This could be a fantastic resolution to make because it might encompass multiple goals you hope to reach, like automating your lead generation and follow-up, and perhaps even automating some of the monotonous duties that are currently taking up too much time of your employees.

As you move forward to set your New Year’s resolution, try to keep this thought process in mind. Your resolution should be a central idea that you can set many goals around (3-4, preferably).

Resolution Ideas

If you’re looking for some ideas of what New Year’s resolutions you can set for your business in 2019, give some of these a quick thought.

1. Automate Your Business

Again, this would be a fantastic resolution to set, especially considering how prevalent automation is in today’s world. Since your competitors are likely already finding ways to incorporate automation to make their businesses more efficient, you should look to do the same. Think about marketing, lead generation, follow-up, and other tasks that are eating away at your employees’ time. Automating them could save substantial time (and money) in the long run.

2. Increase Revenues

This is a very general resolution and it’s something most businesses aim to do every single year. However, if you have a lot of goals related to increasing your revenue–like marketing-based goals and so on–this might be a good resolution to set because it will encompass many of those smaller goals.

3. Increase Online Visibility

Let’s face it: any business would benefit from a stronger social media presence. It’s a reality that has been becoming stronger each and every year for about a decade now, and social media isn’t going anywhere. If you’re still not online, you need to get a move on. In 2019, even more emphasis is going to be placed on a business’ online presence.

Even if you are online, setting a resolution to invest more time and energy into your online presence could really pay off, especially if you are looking into digital marketing and similar efforts that your competitors are likely already investing in.

4. Build New Partnerships

Networking is, by far, one of the most important parts of any business endeavor. If you haven’t been putting as much time and energy as you should be into networking, 2019 might just be your year. Whether you start your networking online or offline, building new partnerships is something that will definitely pay off as time goes by.

From having someone people in your community can rely on when times get tough to doing collaborative work and even cross-promoting, building new partnerships can end up saving your business substantial time and money while leading to some tremendous positive results too.

If this is your resolution, set some new goals related to attending networking events and even being a speaker at some events. You’ll make connections with other entrepreneurs, business owners, and small businesses in your community that could really prove worth your while.

5. Improve Your Finances

If your business is carrying debt, lacks credit, or could just use a bit of work when it comes to budgeting, 2019 might be your time to set a resolution where you decide to finally drill down on your balance book.

Understanding basic finances and accounting, for instance, can go a very long way in the success of your business. So, by making a resolution to improve your finances, you might hire a professional accountant or perhaps put in the time and effort to learn these skills yourself so that you can scrutinize your business’ finances on your own.

6. Growth

Setting a resolution for growth in 2019 can mean a lot. It might mean you want to grow your customer base, expand to new locations, or perhaps grow your own skillsets so that you can better run your business.

If you set this resolution, your goals might include a commitment to learning new skills, updating your knowledge, or otherwise making efforts to see growth in your business–and in yourself–for the new year. This is a fantastic resolution to set and it’s definitely one you’ll thank yourself for at the end of 2019, and beyond.

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