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Is it Time to Hire Your First Employee?

Many small businesses begin as a one-man operation, and can even work that way for many years before additional help is required. But, if your small business is beginning to expand, it might be time that you hired additional help. Here are some signs that say you should be looking for your first (or more) employee(s).

1. You’re turning down business

Are you simply too busy to take on all the work being offered to you? Having “too many” customers is a good problem to have, because it means your business is in high demand. However, if you’re working long hours and/or having to turn away potential clients because of a packed schedule, it might be time to hire a new employee.

Not only can they help take on the work you can’t, they can also take over some of your work so that you can get more time off. After all, what’s the point of being a business owner if you’re getting burnt out from working too many hours?

Of course, hiring full-time might be scary. Instead, you might consider starting out a new worker on a part-time or even contract-hire basis until you’re certain the workload justifies a full-time helper.

2. You lack personal time

Burn out is a huge problem amongst the entrepreneurial community. You are likely very passionate about the work you’re doing, but no one can burn the candle at both ends for too long. Sooner or later, you’re going to end up seeing your efficiency and work quality suffer–not to mention personal relationships and other important aspects of your life pay the price.

Lacking personal time can also equate to stagnation. If you’re always working at your business, you’ll have very little time to work on improving your business and your skillset. If you’re beginning to feel less like a boss and more like an overworked employee, it’s probably time to pass some tasks on to a real employee so you can focus on the things that have been getting neglected and which really need you.

Of course, outsourcing some of your work may do the trick. Weigh your options and see if your business needs an employee or if you just need a virtual assistant. There are ‘remote’ options for customer help, fielding enquiries, performing mailshots, etc.

3. You’re getting complaints

This is one of the most compelling reasons to hire on new help. If your customers are beginning to express that they are unhappy with your services, the extent of your services, and/or your availability, it may be time to bring in a new hire.

You can’t do everything, and it may just be time to admit that. If you are juggling so much that you’re not reasonably able to handle every request your customers are making, a new hire may do wonders as far as keeping customers happy and keeping yourself sane.

4. Your communication is slowing down

Most client-based businesses find that following up with clients and answering inquiries is one of the most time-consuming parts of being in business. However, this aspect of business is unavoidable. If you aren’t able to respond to clients in a timely manner, you probably need some additional help in order to convey the correct message that you are an efficient company.

Returning calls and emails quickly is paramount to good communication, which is critical to successful business relationships. Hiring a receptionist part-time or even outsourcing this to a remote worker can do wonders for your business. Just make sure whoever you hire knows how to be polite and prompt, and that they have the information they need to answer questions effectively.

5. Your budget can fit it in

If you’ve been planning on hiring additional help for a while now and your budget can finally accommodate the costs, now may be a good time to start looking. Even if you aren’t making money hand over fist, weigh your options. It might be the case that hiring an employee will help you make more money by freeing up your own time and/or increasing your capacity for clients and new work.

Of course, just because you can afford to hire someone doesn’t mean you should. Consider your business’ needs.

6. You require a specialist

You can’t do it all. That’s something every business owner has to come to terms with at some point or another. Oftentimes, small businesses find that they really could do better if they had a specialist working for them. Whether this is a specialist who has high-level skills, a required certificate, and/or just a specialized skillset, if you can identify a person who could do wonders to help you grow your business, it might be time to hire them.

Remember, if you only need help for isolated projects, a contractual hire is probably the way to go. Otherwise, it’s suggested that you start someone part-time to gauge the workload before going full-time with your new hire.

7. You’re stuck working every day

The point of owning a business is having flexibility. While you have to build up to the point where you’re able to completely step away from your business as it continues running like a well-oiled machine, hiring your first employee is a step in the right direction.

If you’re finding that your work is taking up far too much of your free time and you can’t remember the last time you had a vacation, an employee may very well be on the horizon – budget allowing, of course.

With that said, there are certain tasks that, as the business owner, you’re never going to be able to pass on to someone else. That’s what you need to identify so that you know what you can assign to a new employee and what you should make time for yourself. This is an essential part of finding that work/life balance every entrepreneur strives for.

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